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I shot a Match on Saturday and fired some 40 rounds of modified Ethiopian ammo. I need to add there is a very good video on You Tube about this Ethiopian ammo. It tested out at around 3000 fps as-issued. This is hot and not for my Garands. I found the rounds were long would not chamber in my 03-A3 and I was forced to do some tedious labor. I pulled the bullets and ran the cases through my Hornandy X dies. I loaded 45 grains of as-issued powder into the case now sporting Winny primers. I seated the 151 gn. as-issued bullet and was done. I found the loading was hot and accuracy fair/not good. This is a lot of effort to get fair results. Also, after cleaning the cases I discovered 2 cases had small holes in them and had to be discarded. Please note, 2 case failures out of 40 cases is not good at all. I would not run this stuff in a Garand, so guys need to be careful with this ammo.
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