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Default Colt 1911

Packet Sent: 9-4-18
Packet Received: 9-6-18
RGN Assigned: 8591 on 2-21-19
Contacted: 8-13-19, Offered Field and Rack, Chose Field
CC Hit: 8-13-19
Shipped to FFL: 8-19-19 (delayed due to FFL no longer in business)
Received FFL: 8-20-19
Picked up at FFL: 8-31-19

Colt manufactured and shipped in 1917, rebuilt prior to WWII (thanks thebearpack)

Took it to the range. Original mag is a little trashed. Operated excellent with new mag. No malfunctions. Shoots great and accurate.

Thank You CMP! Special thanks to Autumn and Cheryl in handling shipping issues due to FFL closure and of course burdensome California requirements. I am very pleased and I did not think I was going to make the cut.
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