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Originally Posted by DFD165 View Post

Ok need some help with a gas cylinder ID. First, I have read several threads of how to ID a gas cylinder but canít seem to figure it out. I only have the two as that is the extent of my collection. The pics of the gas cylinder is the one on my mostly corrected 4.77 HRA, and thatís the one that came on it. Just trying see if it is possibly correct. The front sight is 3/4 in wide and also came on it and I know the cylinder is a wide base.

The other rifle is my Jan 42 mixmaster with CMP stock and has a wide base WW II cylinder on it. At least thatís what I believe because it was sold to me by a gentleman on the forum that is very knowledgeable and thatís what he said it was.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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