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Originally Posted by Russ661 View Post
I must be even more computer illiterate than I give myself credit for because I cannot for the life of me get Dropbox to work with MGDB. All I can see are .ifs files and no way to open them. I like the program (MGDB) but I can't use it remotely because of this issue. Frankly, I'm not liking Dropbox at all. Very frustrating. //rant off
The easiest way to use Dropbox to handle it from multiple locations is to go into the MyGunDB Settings section for both machines and set it to use your local dropbox folder for the DB location. That will make them use the same file.

The backup to dropbox option is just for backing it up and specifically, not for what you are trying to do.

Let me know if you have any other issues with it that I can help with!
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