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Originally Posted by CDRT View Post
The chamber portion of the barrel is a separate piece from the rifled portion. They are pressure fit or welded together. If you see a slight seam on the forward portion of the chamber part of the barrel, it is two piece. It's my understanding they were barrels used by Springfield on the pistols coming from Brazil.
The Springfield 1911A1 that I converted into a hardball gun back in 2005 had a two piece barrel that I replaced with a NM barrel and bushing. The Range Officer that I bought in 2015 has a one piece barrel.
Ah, okay, thanks.That reminds me that apparently the Marines used to do something similar before there were good barrels available--they would sleeve rifled blanks into the rear portion of the barrel or weld on legs to the blanks. This was also before there were rifled blanks with enough meat that you could machine the legs right out of them.
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