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Originally Posted by zvenoman View Post
i beg to differ regarding the cmp armorers using worn gauges. Armorers measure the te/me in order to grade the rifles, and as a higher number generally denotes a lower grade, will err on the side of caution. A bit of grease, not inserting the gauge 2-3 times with a small twist will all cause differing readings. But the end result is of no real difference on most of the non-collector grades. More importantly, while i suspect most tools wear over time/use, i thunk the amount of wear on a tool grade steel me or te gauge is much less of a factor than user technique, temperature variations or most importantly, differences from tool to tool/brand.
We all know cmp grading is what, 99.999% generous. I suspect there is not much pressure on the armorers to spend more time on te/me to get a lower number.
Even if we assume the cmp gauges are 100% accurate and each measurement is qc checked, temperature stabilized and 99.9% scientifically accurate, then cmp would be flooded with complaints like "my rifle gauges .5 worse, i need a new barrel..." because of someones borrowed, incorrect or damaged gauge or "calibrated bullet".

I'd suspect standard cmp "err on the side of the customer" standard operating procedure over worn gauges.
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