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Originally Posted by crayj View Post
Hello all, I am the auction winner, I just logged in to see if I could get one of you folks to check SRS for me. To my surprise you guys you guys had a thread going about my Springfield. The rifle arrived today, I could not be more pleased with it, the condition is amazing, I do not believe it has been messed with at all. The only issue I have found is that the rear sight windage function is frozen, the knob will turn a bit in either direction, but the sight will not move. Any tips to determine if it might be a NM would be appreciated. I will work on some photos ASAP.
Thx cj
From the Gunbroker pictures it appears that maybe the right side of the rear sight rear indicator is pushed forward and maybe binding the rear sight from moving. If so, you may need to give the sight some clearance in that area by very slightly bending that area back.
You could also push on the rear sight as you rotate the windage knob until the sight clears that area (sorry don't know the right terminology for that part of the sight) and remove the sight. Once removed, remove the windage screw. Then put the rear sight on the pivot and check where it may be binding by rotating the sight manually left to right and back on the pivot.
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