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Default Do you rest your eyes during a SF string?

If not you should consciously think about doing it.

While shooting in a high power match this past weekend the subject came up more than once. During our team match I had two very talented juniors on my team. I noticed one was beginning to labor and not be sure of calls. I asked how his eyes were and he said he was having difficulty. I had him close his eyes for several seconds a few times during the rest of the string. He recovered nicely. After he was done I was discussing the importance of eye rest with both of the juniors. Next to us was a friend of mine who is one of the top shooters in the area. He chimed in and said it was good advice and needed to remember to do this himself. I've noticed most shooters don't take an eye rest break and that's what prompted this thread.

I have made a habit of coming out of position every 6-8 shots for two reasons. First, an old shoulder injury results in my body locking up after so many minutes in prone. This goes against nearly all teachings, normally once you build your position most tell you to stay put. Second, my eyes get ""Buggie"" so I will lay my head on the mat as best I can and keep my eyes closed for 10-20 seconds.

Don't let shots stray late in your string because your eyes need a break. A good signal for me is two shots in a row I can't call and feel the target is a fuzz ball.
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