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This post is so hidden, sorry for the late reply.

Following the advice of Bob Jones, and Art (Shootingsight)...I have been using a +.50. I will be trying a +.25 for the next few matches. Glasses, not hood insert.

I'm 37, nearsighted since 10, and have a moderate (near/far) scrip currently. My eye doctor is on board with what I'm trying to do. I think my moderate scrip, with the +.50 is too aggressive for the M1/M1A. Assuming my street glasses had the BEST and Clearest distance vision only, then .5 would be where to start. I do computer and distance work, so its already a compromise.

At present, after a match, C&R or XTC, my corrected eye starts throbbing a bit. That tells me, that a .25 or .37 would be a better choice. I must not be relaxed and I'm fighting to see target boards/target placement.

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