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I received my service grade M1 from CMP about a month's a SA, manufactured in early May, 1945. I must say that the seven week wait after submitting paperwork was much like anticipating the birth of a first child...much reading and learning about the Garand while wondering who the manufacturer would be and date made...knowing I would love it no matter what. I've made several trips to the range...have it pretty much sighted in and all works great.

I'm 70 years old and took up shooting recently. I was drafted into the Army in '68,,,did a year in VN but hadn't touched a fire arm since 1970.
My grandfather left me his gun collection (several rifles and hand guns most pre 1900). I decided it might be fun to fire them...I've been a enthuiest ever since.
I'm looking forward to asking questions and learning from this site.
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