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Originally Posted by Kansas Poster View Post
Wow, that is old news. Sportsman Club might be behind in their news. Hope you don't spend any money to belong to Sportsman Club???

It is true, but changing by the year. Might even change in January again.

Agreed and sums it up pretty well.

Originally Posted by GuapoPogi View Post
I just received this e-mail from the Sportsman Club my wife and I belong to.

Is this true or are they confused?

Understand your curiosity given this came from a CMP-affiliated club. In short, that is very old info covered last year.
With changes already looming for the subsequent year NDAA, as well as the events of this year and the sensitivity of this topic, even the current NDAA and 1911 program is in question.

As the good 1ST SGT mentions above, highly recommend you contact the club about sending outdated info.

And defintely much gnashing of teeth/hash from your post, NONE of which was needed and could've been used to answer your post in far fewer words and emotions.
So, if folks can't directly answer a question, stay out of the thread

We left this one thread up to give folks an outlet for 1911-related discussion/concerns, with the understanding info will be limited and no political water cooler type talk. But it's about run its course given many redundant posts, politics and exchanges such as this.

ETA: Going to lock it down pending review for relevancy.
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