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Originally Posted by Scout706 View Post
Think in advance of what type of receiver you want. All will be SA. Me, I didn't think in advance, I just wanted a good heel stamp, so I could read the #s, and maybe sequence I could remember. But your choices might include:

4, 5, or 6 digit SN
WWII era
Korean War vintage
5.8 million - the last batch

Some would seek a certain month/year. It's all good, they're all good, no regrets on my choice.
My initial thought is not to be too concerned about finding a collectible receiver vice building a really good shooter. I think I'll be most concerned about the barrel quality. I don't really care about it being a mixmaster. I've decided that all the rifles I buy at this point should be something I'm willing to shoot every time I go to the range.

When I have more cash lying around I'll go after the collectibles.

But I suppose, after attending this class, it's more fun to find a good receiver for sale in the forums, then work on building your own correct grade.

It seems that is exactly what many of you do. Sounds like fun, and I can't wait to get started on one!
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