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Originally Posted by Jeff1963 View Post
Me too, exactly what I would want.

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Interesting. I am curious, for those who don't like this (FYI, I would be 100% satisfied with all posted in this thread), just what was expected, based on the descriptions given and actual facts released (including the AR article)?
The newest was made in what, 1945? They were advertised (not that CMP needed to repeat this) as having been in service since, and many were rebuilt and placed in storage.
That is what I envisioned. Will there be some gems in the general release; well, based on CMP's history, I expect such (and have seen them in the 1911s). Am I hoping for something "better"? I can't say that I am; knowing what the market prices are and what CMP described; what I have seen seems to exceed my expectations. I have, after all, seen 1911s in (recent) military service. I don't recall seeing any collector items!

Here's the thing: All on this forum know now what to expect, so when CMP calls wanting that credit card number, you have so been informed. If you post (after this week; clearly some in this thread did not expect what they got ) that you feel betrayed, personally attacked or swindled, don't be offended at the lack of sympathy received.

Apologies if this offended anyone, not my intention at all. If what has been pictured isn't what you want, then simply don't buy it.

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