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I would recommend that anyone carrying a pistol on a regular basis watch the YT channel ďASPĒ - Advanced Self Protection. The instructor/ moderator reviews video footage of self defense encounters and police use of force encounters. He discusses what happened and what lessons these situations teach us.

Itís helpful to see what actually happens in armed self defense encounters or situations where police have to use force, what works and what doesnít and what can get you killed.

In every case Iíve watched when an individual tries to rack the slide of an unloaded pistol under the pressure of an attack, and as the good guys we are always reacting to an act not initiating one, they either create a malfunction or run out of time. In one instance an off duty Brazilian police officer pays with his life for the time it takes to chamber a round. The scum that kills him gets a loaded pistol. It Just happens too fast to start at an additional disadvantage.

Here he shows multiple videos illustrating that unloaded carry is a real disadvantage.

Carry with a round loaded, if you donít like cocked and locked with a 1911 there are lots of other guns to choose from. But donít start by giving yourself an additional disadvantage.
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