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Welcome (both to the site and the south!) Unfortunately there aren't very many collector type shows, but there are a couple, and overall there are alot of shows in the area. WPB, FTL and Miami host giant shows every couple of months (This weekend was FTL). Palm Beach Gun Collectors ASsociation (I think that's what they're called) has a show a few times a year and they usually have some really nice C&R stuff. They had a show a couple weeks ago and it was completely mobbed and prices were stupid (as with all shows these days). Occasionally the Mahi Shrine in Miami has smaller shows with decent C&R stuff.

Your best bet is to just go to any one that is convenient and look for what you want. I've found some super nice C&R stuff at both Miami and WPB. Get there early Saturday or late Sunday for the better prices, in my experience.
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