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Originally Posted by Shomway View Post
Hi Nate, Was going to give it a week or two before heading back down. After all the "gems" that showed up last week I would think the good stuff might be gone. But who knows, I might wake up in the morning and head down. If I do I will let you know what they have.
Originally Posted by Rootsy View Post
Have a busy day Thursday but if I find myself with a spare hour or two I might drop in.
Originally Posted by jeepdeep View Post
To answer your HXP question. I was there on friday, I was debating with myself about buying more ammo during checkout. The guy behind the counter (James?, I'm awful with names) Said not to worry that there was "plenty".
Originally Posted by GarandGrabber View Post
Goin next weekend..Pre-Nationals hustle...Don't think HXP will be an issue
Not pushing you guys to trade me anything, but I just put up one of my gems for trade on the Garand section. Figured you'd want to take a peek.
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