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Originally Posted by thekidd76 View Post
If i can scrounge up enough ammo and clips I may just do that. 99% of my stock of everything is already moved to OK (in the middle of a move, just waiting on the house here to sell), but I do have the Special I built at the AMC class in August at the house, as well as a Field Grade I ordered late last month.
Well....even if you do NOT have enough ammo and clips, you can always shoot an AR15 (223 ) just to 'practice' since it does NOT have to be Garand etc. That way you could get some good training in PIT duty....

As to "clips"....ya only need for the two round rapid fire with the second with 8 rounds. All slow fire take NO enbloc as are single loads.

I can bring extra ammo - you'd just buy from me! $36 will get you 60 rounds from me with one bando included and 12 loose.....just a thought.

I will be in a silver Ford Sport Trac..UWYO Va plate.....
8th Field Hospital - Nha Trang
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