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Default DAS is only part of the story when identifying stocks

The best way to distinguish between stocks is to become familiar with their physical characteristics. There are subtle and not so subtle differences with every maker.
The DAS stamps have a bit of a twisted history with mixed usage.
In the early 50's when HRA and IHC first started using the DAS Acceptance Stamp, they were obviously different stamps.
HRA and SA used stamps with a shallower arc to the three stars and IHC used a stamp with a much higher arc.



When IHC finished production their stamp appears to have been transferred to Springfield since the high arc stamp started appearing on late SA production rifles. During this period you could get a Springfield rifle with either the high arc or the shallower arc.
This practice continued into the 60's since you see Springfield Rebuild rifles with both styles of DAS.

The DAS was the last stamp applied to a rifle that passed all inspections by a US Government Inspector and not by the stock manufacturer.

Make sense?
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