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Default DAS Stamps

The DAS stamp was only applied when the rifle had passed all of its tests, including proofing, function-firing, targeting, and a final inspection by an Ordnance worker who was looking for obvious problems with the rifle, i.e. cracked handguard, hard to open bolt, etc.

The inspector examined the hang tag (which was in a small plastic sheet protector and was affixed to the front sling swivel), noted that the rifle had passed all tests, stamped the rifle with the DAS stamp, and the serial number was logged into the system. Then the rifle went to the shipping department for packing, which included the application of desiccant.

The boxed and crated rifles were gathered into lots of 5000 rifles for delivery to the government and were probably shipped by rail, since IHC had a rail spur running into the plant.

I should mention here that one rifle was selected at random from each delivered lot of 5000 rifles to go through a grueling 6000-round endurance firing test - and there were limits on how many malfunctions the rifle could have in the test. As a matter of fact, the big problem at IHC during its first year of production was the failure of the endurance rifle to successfully pass this 6000-round test.

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