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Again, performance may be a measure of inches and not miles, but the 03 action has always struck me as an over complication of the basic Mauser design. I think the Mauser lends itself to better, or easier, bedding. It isn't encombered with an unnecessary mag cut-off and doesn't have the 03s less than stellar sighting system regarding its use as a battle rifle. Performance can be measured in many ways and these are just a few items in which the 03 doesn't really shine. Now for personal use I'd pick an 03A3, 1917, No. 4 Mk. I Enfield and M38 Swedish Mauser in that order. I really don't champion one rifle design over another. For classy looks though it's hard to beat a C-stocked 03. I'm not going to add IMHO because I obviously am not parroting someone else's opinion.

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