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Originally Posted by Garand Man View Post

The barreled actions were HORRIBLE.!!! They were a joke to buy at $450.00 and after enough complaining and NO one buying them at $450... An announcement was made around 11:30 that the price was being dropped... and I saw NO One still decide to take one home...

I looked at several, especially a 5 digit Inland with an 8/42 dated gauged past 4 on the muzzle... had active rust on the receiver and was heavily pitted below the woodline....why waste perfectly good money on junk...????

My barreled reciever had a good barrel with almost a 1/4 inch of bullet showing. Once I got it put together it functioned fine and as far as I can tell it shoots good too, but a lower than I like. As soon as I saw it had a good barrel I scooped it up and payed 150 for it .
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