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To respond to S11033 and leveraging the Val Forgett memo. I had posted some info on an earlier string about reactivating 1903A3's but its easier just to revisit it. Reactivation advisability is dependent on the "severity" of the deactivation. During my time as a ROTC cadet and as an Ordnance officer I have seen multiple variations of deactivation. They ranged from: 1) Rear sight dovetail ground off, barrels plugged (rod jammed in but not welded at all), firing pin hole welded, follower and spring removed, no welds on receiver. 2) Tack welded barrel to receiver, welded cut off, rod welded in barrel, front sight blade removed. 3) 360 degree weld of barrel to receiver, plugged and welded barrel, rear sight removed, front sight blade removed, firing pin hole welded, cut off welded or not welded. The last variation I would not reactivate. Note that there were some variations on the process throughout the population observed. The first one I reactivated 15 years before the CMP auction, was from a Catholic boys high school in New York City w/ no welds on the receiver, barrel plugged (no weld), firing pin hole welded. The ones from the big CMP auction that I physically handled (85 ea) were complete (less follower and spring, and front sight blade) and were all easily re-activatible: tiny tack weld of barrel to receiver (weld predominately on barrel), plugged and welded barrel, welded cut off, firing pin hole welded and striker broken. The only ones that weren't reactivated were the chromed ones ( 5 of 85). There were 10 w/ plastic stocks and those were replaced w/ wood ones.

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