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Originally Posted by irishsteve View Post
What the old timers always forget to tell you about the 16.00 dollar 1903"s is that in 1965 most guys were lucky to make 2 bucks an hour,and were feeding 3 kids on it.You were lucky to have 16 dollars of mad money back then.If you were a G.I. in the 60"s, pay started at 78.00 a month!BEFORE taxes!
I was making minimum wage which just went up to $1.25 per hour and where I lived in 65 the price of gasoline was 19 cents per gallon. In 68 my base pay as an E-2 just out of basic training was $102.30 per month. I would put the 27.30 in my pocket when I cashed my check and put the $75.00 in my credit union account. I saved up for a car and got it in no time. It was surprising how far that 27.30 went back then. If any was left over I just bumped up my savings deposit. Wouldn't it be great to be back there again knowing what we know now. I'd have bought more guns and gold.
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