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Default Learning the ropes about 5 M1carbines...

I'm helping out a widowed friend sell her husband's collections of guns, and decided to start with the M1 Carbines. However, it turns out there are a LOT of things I need to know in order to determine value. I know the "Blue Sky, Arlington VA" marked barrel one is evidently an "import" and not worth much (even though it's in perfect condition). He has one paratrooper and one that was crated up and never even fired...but I only grabbed 3 to take pics of for now.

I was just wondering if there's any way to know if these are all original or mixmasters without taking them apart (I'm scared of breaking down a gun that doesn't belong to me, even though if it was an AK, AR or Glock, I could do it easily).

I'd hate to sell a $1200 M1 paratrooper for $650, but I'd also hate to sell a $600 M1 for $1000. Just looking for fair prices, but it's so hard to know. I can't even tell if these are the "good" "high stocks" or not--the two with stocks have the same design/angles.

Here are some pics-->

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