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Default 30 Carbine a truly viable PDW with new Hornady ammo

Hornady will be releasing its new "Critical Defense" 110 grain JSP ammo. It features a "flex tip" polymer insert in a hollow-point nose to insure slick feeding. I use Hornady Critical Defense ammo in my .380 CZ83 carry weapon. Very slick feeding.

It is loaded to its full potential at 2,000 fps from an 18" barrel. At 200 yards, it still has 400 pounds of muzzle energy, more than most 9mms at the muzzle.

Critical Defense® 30 Carbine from Hornady® - YouTube

Hornady Manufacturing Company :: Ammunition :: Rifle :: Choose by Caliber :: 30 Carbine :: 30 M1 CARBINE 110 GR FTX Critical Defense«

I have been happy with the R-P 110 JSPs, but am intrigued by this because of how exceptional Critical Defense ammo has been performing in other calibers.

Speer produces their Gold Dot in 30 carbine that is supposed to be exceptional, opening up to .602" diameter in ballistic gelatin. It is impossible to find, however, even though it was introduced in 2010.

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