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Your initial choice will be FG or CMP special receiver as noted by pkost. I was set on the CMP Special because I thought the level of pitting would be appreciable between the two options. In reality, there were a number of FG receivers that looked as good as the CMP level. We only had SA receivers to choose from in my class. Ultimately, I chose a CMP level receiver that looked the best to me and fit the receiver number range I wanted (1944 - 1945). There were no options in the barrel selection and stock selection. Everyone received a brand new Criterion 30-06 barrel and new Dupage wood.

Besides the receiver, you will have other parts selections to make during the class: bolt, trigger assembly housing and op rod. To prepare for this, read the many great posts on the AMC in this forum and prepare a build plan. To keep the class moving, you only have a few minutes to select your parts, and they don't lay out all of the parts at once. We chose the receiver and bolts at the same time. The other parts were made available during the progressive build over 2 days.
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