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Originally Posted by lonegunman View Post
This weekend at the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club they have a regional pistol match with a CMP pistol leg and there will no doubt be openings.

June 16 and 17th 2012 is the Governor's 20 match at Tacoma Rifle and Revolver club and they have a leg match as well.

Check the Washington state web site.

New shooters always welcome, some guys will even loan you a gun if you want to try. Call early enough and someone might even loan you 30 rounds of ammo.
You nice folks sure are accomodating! Could someone shoot the match for me too?
Damn, I wish I lived near you all. I think I'm about as far away as I could be, (tip of Florida) and still live in the US. Sounds like a fun time.
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