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Default As-Issued M1 Match


The first thing you should consider in regard to shooting an As-Issued M1 Match is trying to find a local M1 clinic or match to participate in before you venture to Perry.

This is not to deter you from going to Perry and experiencing that venue and shooting at the National Matches, in my opinion, it will be more fun if you have an idea of what to do and expect before going to Perry.

Some, not all of the shooters at Perry consider uneducated new shooters as FOD.

A local clinic or match will provide you with the necessary experience to be able to show up to the Nationals and fire your M1 safely and to have a basic understanding of what is expected of the competitor.

A clinic will cover equipment, loading, positions, firing, unloading, safety and basic marksmanship that should put you on paper at 200 yards. It will cover target pulling and scoring and some shooter etiquette. Overall it will provide you and your son with a basic understanding of the M1 Garand, how to handle and fire it safely and place rounds on target. All this education will allow you, the shooter, to shoot the match without worrying about the minutia while not causing major distraction on the firing line at the National Matches.
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