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The CMP website has links to hel you with your search.

You can find a CMP affiliated club here:
Many clubs are schools and youth oriented in KY but itís a good start.

There is also a listing of CMP clinics and matches here:

I donít know if itís a requirement for clubs to do a CMP clinic every year but most clubs seem to do one a year so if you find a local club call and ask if they do clinics. Around me in PA most clinics are early in the season (April/May).

I just did a clinic last month even though I used to compete in NRA Matches regularly in the 90s and itís a great way to get the basics as the rules are complicated. If you canít find a clinic, you can still shoot! Bring an AR, AK, SKS, M1 Garand or Carbine, M1A or even an old Military Bolt Gun!

Good Luck and it is worth the time to find a match.
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