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Default Try SAFS

Camp Perry Schedule.

Online entry form for rifle:

Small Arms Firing School (SAFS) is July 27 - 28th, which is before the Aug 4th Garand only match. SAFS uses school provided AR15 rifles, but will teach you the basics before you try and do a match with your own gear.

As others have mentioned, Camp Perry National Matches are kind of a big deal. If you haven't shot a match before, showing up cold to the Garand match would be a steep learning curve, probably a mess for you and for the fellow competitors. But SAFS is meant to help novices get involved.

So if you are set on doing a Camp Perry Garand match, follow the suggestions about finding local CMP style matches first. My addition is, if time allows, do a SAFS, and then do the Aug 4th match.

Disclaimer. I have done a local Garand match, have shot my own "practice" matches, and have taken a Camp Perry SAFS, but have not done a match at Camp Perry yet. I am signed up for both a SAFS class and a match this year.
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