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Originally Posted by xm15e2s View Post
Received an order of 40 today.

Very pleased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first inspection:

22 spotless MINT.

8 almost spotless, almost MINT.

10 minor spots. Very acceptable.

My hope was for at least 50% of order to be mint. I far exceeded that.

One of the greatest deals to come along.

Other than lack of funds, I can't understand why anyone would just buy 1 or 2. If someone is selling $20 bills for $15, you buy!
What are you doing to treat them and are you wrapping them back up afterwards in the same paper?

I wonder what they came treated with and what would be a good substitute to smear on to replenish the dried up stuff? Lithium grease would work? CLP dissolved the old stuff away on the one I got last week.

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