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Originally Posted by slimedog
The only issue was erratic ejection. My ARs and Garands tend to put brass into neat, little piles 6 feet away at around 3 and 2 o'clock, respectively. The carbine puts brass randomly between 12 and 6 o'clock, occasionally hitting me in the head. Sometimes ejected with authority, sometimes barely squirted out onto the bench a few inches from the rifle. While every case did make it out, I wonder if I have a geometry or spring issue.

So, experienced carbine users - should I expect consistent ejection or is this normal and acceptable behavior? Thanks!
My shooter puts them all pretty consistent out at 2PM, distance wise anywhere from 3' to almost 20'!

Your problem could be due to any number of things.

Are you using a late slide or early? The shape of the cam was changed so that riccochet (direction) of the spent case once extracted was more, err, consistent. Same with ejectors. If you aren't using the latest type, forget about ejection consistency.

Could be your carbine may also need a good cleaning. No telling how many rounds the good folks at the CMP needed to test your rifle. Most ammo tends to be pretty sooty.

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