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Default Thank you CMP South

Big thanks to Anniston south store.
Customer service and all the Armours for your dedication and above and beyond
Customer service.
I purchased a service grade IHC on the 23 of August. Took it home for a disassembly and cleaning . When taking the trigger assembly apart my heart sank. A broken safety, ear broken off. Then disassembled op rod and spring.
Again my heart sank. Op rod spring had a very bad kink half way down its length .I was worried of what else am I going to find wrong. Gladly nothing else.
Contacted customer service , explained the problem. I was connected with a armour and explained that the safety was broken and op rod spring kink.

I was assured they would make it right.
Today , I recieved a replacement op rod spring and happily a IHC safety.
Thank you all for what you do.
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