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Default 11/30 bayonet order arrived...

My order from 11/30, #5970XX arrived today. 1-RIA & 1-UC004. Both have the green park., black handles and very nice edges. Both had some grease/cosmo., but not bad--easy clean up. Both came apart very easy and were in great shape.

The RIA is a 1917 w/ 300,000 ser.#, has a bowie tip that was modified by AFH. The sheath is modified with metal tip, painted and well worn. At first I could not get it out of the sheath! A little bit of leverage broke it free.
I did not order an AFH, so it is great that AFH modified this RIA.

The UC uncut is not dated, spear tip, nice green park. Came with the "H-crown" unknown sheath. **Noticed that there is NO added ser.# on the hilt(?) that the Greeks added?**

Very pleased with both bayonets--Thanks CMP! Never had an interest to get any bayonets until CMP sold these--I could not resist the temptation--the CMP made me do it!!!

There are no pics., so I guess none of this happened--sorry for no pictures!

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