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I think we have all seen both the good and bad at the stores....when a new batch of garands showed up at the north store the normal crowd was there....I saw 4 guys at the furthest 2 tables with 4 garands on each table..taking them apart checking/swapping? parts as soon as they put a couple back togather one guy would go grab more and bring them I went to the counter and asked if that was the way we do it now???....counter man came out and went to the tables and told them to put all the rifles back on the shelf now...and you may select 1..bring it to the counter and either tag it or with help break it into the 3 groups to inspect it...and as the sign above the door says..swapping parts is a capital offense...and I also had a guy notice me browsing a few years ago..totally lost...he asked what I was looking for..told him I wanted to buy my first garand..he took me to the HRA rack..picked up one with the LMR barrel...I had no clue what that was..he said it gauged near perfect and was almost all HRA...I asked why he didn't buy it and he said he was waiting to be checked out and already spent his money or it would be his...still have it and it's actually my best run into all kinds at the store
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