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Originally Posted by drmsparks View Post
Awesome review. I'm glad it turned out to be useful.

Are you going to be offering an upgrade service to these? Mine has the halo effect you were talking about so that's probably a factory issue. I would not mind upgraded glass and sealing.

I definitely plan on using mine and ordered a second.

What brand stripper did you use?
The haloing is because the reticle holder in the reticle assembly is installed backwards, with the retaining screw side facing the ocular end. It should be the other way. I flipped mine, much better. The glass is ok. I just ended up changing the objective glass because mine was delaminating.
The one thing I didn't check was the spacer in-between the erector lenses. It may not be blued, but in the white, and causing a bit of that bright ring you see around the reticle.

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