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Default Used Daisy 853 rifles. WOW!

I was planning to buy a new Daisy/Avanti 853 for around $290 so that my son and I could practice marksmanship in the back yard. Then I noticed the CMP used air rifle program with the same rifle reconditioned for $100. SO, I decided to buy 3 (basically the same price) and donate two to my son's NJROTC program.

They arrived well packed in eggshell foam with new slings, two butt spacers, new sight inserts and apparently NIB rear sights. The stocks had been belt sanded and rubbed with medium/dark oil.

I held them in amazement as bits of history that someone at the CMP had lovingly restored and put out into circulation for further use. I am honored to have received them.

I started out to refinish the one that I was going to keep and to my surprise, I found the grain to be tight, straight and very well laid out by the original stock maker. After several coats of true oil it looks amazing.

I was so pleased I decided to refinish all of them and I have one left to do. I found the second one has a light tiger stripe figure running the length of the stock with a light swirl grain on one side and straight grain on the other.

Please excuse the blurry cell phone pics.

I ordered Daisy 888 trigger guards to have adjustable trigger pull weight and I am polishing/cleaning the sears and hammers on all three.

I haven't approached the "Chief" yet, but I hope he will accept the rifles and put them to good use.

Great job by the CMP. I couldn't be happier with the air rifles.

Check them out here: Click on the Air Rifles tab and scroll down a bit.
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