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Originally Posted by Roadkingtrax View Post
Any guess what powder they would have used?
Originally Posted by rickgman View Post
It contains some type of extruded propellant which some seem to think might be IMR 4064. I don't think anyone knows for sure except Atomic.
When it was first sold by the CMP it was touted as a 168 grain Nosler Custom Competition bullet, 41.5 gr of Varget propellant, with a Winchester LR primer. I checked my notes from when I first started reloading and used that as a starter load as the Atomic Ammo shot well in my M1As and my .308 Win Garands.

I bought two cans, still have 40 rounds left, and had no issues THAT I NOTICED. However, when I bought and shot it I was in the infancy of my shooting military rifles.

Just because (back then) I didn't recognize issues doesn't mean I recommend it. Persons whose opinions I greatly respect have reported issues and warn against this ammo.

I plan to pull the last forty rounds and reuse the bullets. The roughly 4 oz of powder are not worth trying to reclaim, and I have plenty of good HXP brass, so I won't keep the cases either (including those I fired).

Is it worthwhile to recover and reuse the primers? I would want to remove them anyway if I recycle the brass cases, but we're talking only forty primers, or somewhere around a dollar's worth.
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