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Having just now read this thread from start to finish, this reminds me of a similar problem I had about 10-12 years ago. There was a vendor selling reconditioned, fully prepped (sized, trimmed and primer pocket crimp removed [reamed]), once-fired military LC Nato brass (ready to load). It was also mentioned the cases had been also roll-sized. There were some "lots" of this brass excessively roll-sized that ruptured unexpectedly in the head area at the extractor groove. The "over sizing" by the roll sizer supposedly caused the brass to be overly brittle, and ruptured. At that time I was shooting NRA XTC competition with my M1A, and had a rupture that destroyed the magazine. After that, I scrapped all of this brass.
I suspect some of the brass loaded by Atomic might have also been roll sized excessively.

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