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It all sounded really good till you got to the Barrel.

A really early 1942 SA barrel isn't common. When you read the docs of when they ordered the barrels, it was the later 1942 barrels that would have been the ones most likely to ship, and that is also what you see on the existing examples. You see the later half of 1942 SA barrels and they exhibit the vise marks, with the hatcher holes.

With that being said, I don't know if I would rule it out because of that, it just would have made it easy to call. The barrel is really the only thing that throws a monkey wrench in on this one for me.

This is one I could really argue either way. If you could only know for sure how long the parts have been together on this one, that would help tremendously. Of course there is really no way to ever know for sure. If I had to make a call, I think I would feel the chances are more likely it was Marine than not.

But this is sort of a tough one to say for sure. Because I could make a case for it either way. Especially when you factor in the uncertainty of swapping parts.

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