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Default Sling

Bull bbl is probably too much of a good thing.

Also, the foreend rails are American dimensioned on the 52,40X and hra m12. So, contemporary sling swivels, palm rests, bipods, will not slot in. Retro eq is still made and for sale,used if can find, possibly can buy a modern sized rail, modify it and put it in your Am. rifle. Do not modify your wood foreend tho if wood is original and you want originality and resale. The m52 is not d&t for modern scope, the 40x is, the m12 is not.

Turner saddlery makes quality military type leather that were used'

Prob best buy a nylon one from Champions Choice or Creedmoor Sports.

Look at Brownell, Pyramyd Air, in g.b .:

Ask the NRA Competition Dept for a list of shooting clubs (target rifle clubs) your area. Talk to a member-get advice. Join the club. Try a members eq., try the clubs eq. Go on internet- search for target rifle shooting and search variants thereof. There are books on target rifle shooting. Try local library system, in Ohio there is Search Ohio and Ohio Link, also can borrow from other states libraries. There is David Tubb(high power across the course mainly) ,, Ways of the Rifle by Gaby Buhlmann-a very detailed and great book on 22 position isu, and, same publisher has equally great books on isu air rifle, and pistol. A lesser book is Olympic Target Rifle Shooting by Ralf Horneber. See what amazon and others have. Champions Choice list of books.
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