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Originally Posted by heckinohio View Post
Pair of painters I hired two years ago stole a bunch of my brass.........didnt find out for some time. They did leave 1000 or so 9mm & several hundred .45s....... Figured I would reload these & put them in my attached heated garage.

I am loading 9s now.....Some of these have military style swagged primers. They are marked "93" at 6 o'clock position, "L" at 9, "Y" at 3 & "9x19" at noon.

Since the cases were swagged, I cut the swage out with a tool I had made previously, leaving an appropriate bevel in its place. Now, CCI & Win. primers can be put into the pocket & dumped back out with no resistance.

Any one else hit this problem.?????

This would be highly unusual. Are you sure you are using LARGE rifle primers and not small. Just asking. You wouldn't be the first to make that mistake.
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