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Originally Posted by bandofM1 View Post
What powder you loading the 6.5 with? RL-15 with 140grn. I use RL -15 in my Bula 308 Thanks, In a bolt gun you do not have to worry about oprods.

I have been loading 35 gr of Varget under the 140 gr Berger hybrids for both my bolt and the 6.5 M14s.
RL-15 is right in the same burn rate area.
I have all sorts of powder in the shop so I will be doing plenty of experimenting.
I like most of my loads for the M14 to run around 2500 fps. My range only goes out to 300 so that is sufficient.
I do have access to a 1250 range a couple of miles away, but I will only play there when I get bored. At my age it doesn't seem that boredom is a problem any more. It's all good.

Semper Fi
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