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1. GMU Patriot, no big deal when you are contacted tell the person your FFL has closed and provide the new FFL information, you are not the only one with this problem.

2. You can not believe how many people list a phone number without voicemail or voice mail has not been set up or is full.

3. Also hard to believe the number of people that put a "work" email and has since changed jobs. They Email us with new info but we can not go through 19,000 trying to find 1 to update their packet. We try but no guarantees.

4. Just because you are called does not mean you will receive a pistol the next day. Everyone is told it could be up to 90 days before Credit card is charged and pistol is shipped.

5. We have 5 staff members working on notifying customers and they have different numbers, also with the holidays we were working with a limited staff.

6. Contrary to what has been written in articles and said on camera only about 700 pistols have been shipped todate.

7. Calls from CMP 1911 will be from a 256 area code, sorry if you don't answer calls from numbers you don't know. We have numerous numbers so we can not say which number will call you.

8. These pistols are 99% mix masters and 90% have been through at least one rebuild in its life. We have already refunded people their money because they felt they should have received a 100% correct "Colt". One person even wanted a $100.00 discount because of the "hassle", also there seems to be a lot of "Master Gunsmiths" out there telling their customers the pistols are crap and only worth $300-$400. That pistol was returned and according to all the books and the Chief Armorer of the AMU was about 98% correct. Makes me wonder about some of these "Master Gun Smiths".


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