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Default Other ?'s

Events are mostly individual events (Ribbons and medals), some matches will also have team scores. (Which are combined to get the team score.)

So here’s just a few questions:

A) How are the age groups broken out? Scouts is 12 – 18 Plus adult member might want to get into this game

Ages varies between organizations, got to have copy of rules, htey also hace equipment rules.[/COLOR]

B) What is the “sanctioning body CMP? NRA , Both?
And more, 4-H take NRA rules and modify for their need which is more age groups, developing a positive experience.

ROTC has rules also,
Jaycees has events, etc

C) Indoor Range design info? Benches? Backstop, Traps etc?
We made trape that are 2 feet wide and 5 feet tall out of 2" x 2" wood frame.
Carpet on back, can also put a metal flashing layer on back with carpet, then muilty layers of card board, then a front layer of card board to hang targets.
Legs that fold so can be stored in large closet, our range is multi use so we put up and take down every practice.

This allows for prone, sitting, kneeling and standing positions.
No benches, we start kids in the prone position, so a shooting mat or exercise mat. Then work up to hte hardest osition which is standing.

Got toteach outside also to learn the wind, most matches in Tecas is outside.

Spoting scope and stand, ammo holder, etc..

D) Equipment list: Rifles, tools , shooting clothes?
Shooting Cloths only allowed in 1 event precission 3P, until the kid going basically what I would call semi-pro do not invest.

Rifles our 4-H clubs got grants to purchase equipment throughthe years.
We currently have 15 bb guns, over 30 air rifles, 10 air pistols, plus 22 rifles and pistols.

We just got $7,600 from NRA for Aur Program Equipment.
Which we got 10 of the Crossman PCP rifles, and other equipment.
The industry is going to PCP (Precharged Compresed Air - Scuba Tanks Air)
The single pump guns, more work to cock (muscle will give out), CO 2 has temperature issues (Hot in Texas) (Cold other areas) So got to learn change in poin of aim at the extremes.

Is there a rimfire sporter equivalent in the air rifle leagues?
Leagues are not the correct term.

E) Where are the competitions?
All over, 4-H, NRA, CMP, and many more - Web Site will have list at organization site.
F) Anyone live in the Indianapolis area that could help us get started?
Would check 4-H, since you all are trying to get started.
4-H is volunteer based, so you can get withthe 4-H office form a local club, bylaws, go for grants throughthe local 4-H office.

Goggle National 4 H Shooting sports, all states to my knowledge have a shooting program.

Scouts is more into the earning merit badge, not shooting sports overall.
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