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Default The perennial lack of rifles at north store

I read many years ago that north store once accounted for 25 % of cmp sales. Not any more.

CMP, basically,will not ship rifles from n or s stores to your destination anymore- You take the rifle with you. So cmp does not bear the cost of shipping from n or s stores ,and, practically speaking, never did. If the rifle is ordered online, the rifle is shipped at no cost to the buyer. The cost is included in the cost of the rifle.

If cmp desired it, they could ship a large quantity of rifles to n store, in a very large box truck or tractor trailer. There would be expense but probably no more than fedexing individual rifles thru online sales.

So, selling rifles at north store would be no more expensive than selling thru online sales. It would also help defray the expense of having the n store.

Perhaps, the issue is that online sales are so large that cmp does not feel the need to involve n store further than they do .

I have heard it said that cmp would like to eliminate n store. For various reasons that i certainly do not know, they do not.

CMP N does receive an occasional , infrequent small shipment of rifles.If you have advance notice of this or are lucky enough to be on site at that day or days the stock lasts then you are fortunate.

It is possible that cmp will be taking on a larger role in competitive shooting. I do not know this, however. CMP does play the role in the cmp national matches, and supports the shooting sports in many ways ,which is certainly wonderful.

I am not criticizing cmp, they are doing what they feel is best for cmp and the shooting sports, and we are grateful for what they do.

Best of luck to all of us .
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