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Default RNG 9989: US&S/Colt

I got the call on November 4, and it was a long two days before it showed up on the credit card. At least it seemed long to me. It was waiting for me at my FFL the next afternoon.

I was offered Rack, Field, or Service, I chose Field with a request for a 1911. While it isnít a 1911, Iím very pleased with semi-rare US&S frame.

Hereís what Iíve been able to glean. I welcome any corrections and insights.
  • Union Switch & Signal (US&S) Serial# 1092518
  • Shipped from Swissvale, PA: Late September, 1943 (Thanks Bearpack)
  • Colt slide
  • Rearsenaled at Anniston in August 1976.
  • The barrel looks to be a post-war government contract barrel. It seems to have only had test rounds fired through it. It was clean after one patch.
  • Keyes grips
  • It came with an unmarked magazine.

Iím meeting a friend at the range on Tuesday, weather permitting, to check it out.

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