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Default For sale/ USMC style jacket/mitts/50ft targets

USMC shooting jackets , sm, med, lg. 1ea / $60
Quantities of USArmy 50' regulation .22 rifle targets (10 tgts ea)
Or used for 10m Air rifle competition targets

200-300-600 targets and centers
100 yd reduced 200-300-600 targets and centers
All you need is a few of these and someone really exact with pasters
They can last forever that way..
Secret: cut the centers of black from behind tour target (either black board or plywood) . That way you can "see" your hits up to 200 yds (depending on directipn of light) without pulling or scoring, by just looking downrange with your spotter. (i actually was able to score my own card at 600 faster than they could pull it this way). Just keep center and pasters so you can see the rings.
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