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I went on 12 and 13 November. There was one 1917 that was painted black and full of rust and that was it. There were a couple dozen rough looking BR. Carbines are getting thin if you are looking for RG, but there are still plenty of SG carbines.
Garands had 5-6 racks of SA rackers that fit the description and 3 racks of SA woodless rackers that were also true rackers for the most part. There were plenty of mixed bag HRA and SA field grades. No service grade Garands were to be found.
Winchester was probably 4-5 racks or so of FG Garands that mostly were right at ME of 3, but there were some that did way better and some did worse. I found a mostly correct WRA (receiver, barrel, bolt, trigger assembly, and other assorted parts) that gauged 2.5 on the barrel and 3 on the throat. I put it back on the rack because I already had two rifles, but had second thoughts and went back to get it only to find that it had been grabbed by someone else. It, like all others, looked like it had seen better days with black wood and poor finish.
There were plenty of Kimber 22s and several beat up M44s. Just about the only other thing rifle wise were a few racks of really tired looking national match garands. Loose packs of 400 rounds of 30.06 and leather carbine slings from the Bavarians were about the only other things available.
Oh, I forgot to mention that there were also 3-4 racks of service grade specials. I ended up leaving with a 5.8m service grade special, a woodless racker with a 1-43 correct barrel that measured 3 and 2 at the throat and muzzle respectively and an Inland racker that looked terrible but measured as a SG. All in all it was an expensive, but fun two days.
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