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Originally Posted by lesssparks View Post
My original intensions were to get a service grade Garand and re-barrel it and do what ever else needed to be done to make it a really good shooter. After learning when the receiver was made, all I could envision was the workers at Springfield Armory working long hours to build as many rifles as possible due to Pearl Harbor. I assume the receiver date does not add much in value, being that it is a service grade rifle. What would you do, leave it as it is or make it a project gun? I could always buy another SG to tinker with. Please don't twist my arm. LOL

This barrel has a TE=4 and ME=2. Even so, it still shoots better than I do. I am really enjoying shooting it.
I would shoot it an enjoy it and not change it much if you don't have to.
just my 2 cents,
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